Exploring Clement’s garden

Preparing Ugali with Shaz

The Menu


There are not really starters per se in Kenya. You can easily find a variety of snacks, such as:

  • NdumaDSC_0185.JPG
  • Chips (masala or plain)
  • Kebab
  • Rolls and Pies

However, the typical family meal mostly revolves around a main dish composed of several preparations.

Main Dish

Our favours go to Chiapati and Matoke



DSC_0826 (14).JPG

The Kenyan Bread. Made with flour, water, and a pinch of salt. It is then fried in a curved pan, with sunflower oil. It usually accompanies most of the dishes, from rice to vegetable. Really addictive!


DSC_0528 (2).JPG


A stew mixing plantain, potatoes, tomatoes and onions. A very good surprise!

We also tried a wide variety of dishes:

  • Ugali – The most common Kenyan dish. A thick dough made of maze flour and water.
  • Mukimo – A mash of potatoes, peas, maze and salt.
  • Skuma wiki – Close to spinach, but still quite different.
  • Nyama choma – It means grilled meat. As simple as that.
  • Tilapia – A fish coming from lake Victoria, small but tasty!
  • There are aslo a wide variety of preparations accompanied with Rice, Chiapati or Ugali.



Kenyans love to eat Ndazi, a fried and puffy pastry to eat with tea or chocolate. While we tried and and loved it, we will definitely go with the amazing variety of fruits available there. We discovered some that we had never heard of, such as the Tree tomato, a wonderful mix between a tomato and a passion fruit. Surprising but very delicate. A must!


DSC_1011.JPGA tree tomato tree!